Enova business are involved in a range of internationaldevelopmentprojects as investment partner and service provider

We are also involved in several national projects mainly related to develop and align the company DNA, with all the obvious potential and benefit there is to gain from this alignment.

In these projects we utilizes our huge business model platform whichsecure relevant and very effective motivated solutions.

Besides several concrete projects we constantly invest in developingprojects for new business models, which match the need and demand for business model in fast changing environments.

Parallel to these macro business-developing models, we have a focus on have many of the models can be transmitted and utilized on a personallevel. It obvious, that there is a huge potential also in this connectionboth in terms of models, but also in terms of need.



We offer services within the area of business development and primary in connection with the DNA of the company.

In this field we see a lot of companies, which have a huge potential in order to align the DNA of the company. Theobvious implication of such a alignment will be concrete added value in several terms, e.g. the company profit and the increased value of the brand including all the derived effects on revenue and reputation.

The starting point can be a conscious challenge, which is already recognized. The starting point can also be an unconscious challenge, which will be identified in close cooperation with the client.



When the challenge is identified we follow processes that secure very clear and motivated solutions based on identified critical success factors related to the challenge.

Each critical success factor is evaluated and gab is identified. For each of the identified gab there willbe developed a solution, which fulfill the gab. Or to put in another way, we take away the distance between the actual situation and the future wished situation.

The processing and invested time is typical relative short intensive. The identified and now obviousmotivated solutions can be executed according to a balance of priority and capacity and often by ownrecourses. It means the investment is relative small related to the obtained benefit.



There are many clear benefits as a function of a clear and motived corporate DNA.

Fundamentally you secure there is a clear line and a connection from the vision to each activity.

The market power is increased.

Secure a clear and much better reputation.

The effectively will be higher.

A huge platform for employer branding

Much better internal climate and results

Increase the ability to attract the right workface.

Makes it easier to make and exude strategies.

There are further benefits and the bottom line is lower cost and higher revenue and hence better profit